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A radio chronicle is a short sequence of at least one minute, which can be extended up to four minutes. They are divided into two main groups:

  1. Information chronicles are usually the shortest. They cover all topics related to political, economic, sometimes cultural and sports news.

  2. Program chronicles are longer. They allow to transmit unusual data, advice, or present novelties. Their asset? Diversification.

  3. Radio chronicles can be recorded in advance or broadcasted live. The journalist presenting them is not interrupted. It is often a monologue, even if sometimes he ventures to question the team around him during the live broadcast.

Free radio chronicles with Vestaradio

Historically, Vestaradio was the first company to develop a streaming radio offer in order to democratize the creation and use of webradios. With years of experience, its leaders have chosen to offer more services related to the professionalization of online radios.

Thus, by subscribing to their subscriptions, you will have access to a certain number of radio chronicles. The more significant your package, the more free chronicles you will get.

Except for the two smallest offers, all of them allow you to access at least six sections including:

  • News flash: updated 3 times a day and once during the weekend to keep listeners up to date on the latest major events
  • Sports flash: to stay informed on French sports results
  • Weather: to know what the weather will be like during the day
  • Horoscope: because who doesn't want to know their future?
  • Ephemeris: or noteworthy information from the same day in a different year
  • TV program: simply to know what to watch on television in the evening.

Furthermore, during major events, all subscribers have access to a daily chronicle. This is notably the case for the Olympics, the World Cup or the Tour de France.

When to schedule a radio segment?

Each radio segment has a different theme and will therefore be more suitable for certain times of the day. For example:

  • news and sports segments as well as the daily events segment can be broadcasted every hour of the day
  • the weather and horoscope segments are generally scheduled in the morning
  • the TV program segment is of more interest to listeners in the evening
Radio schedule grid for segments

Of course, this is a typical schedule for free radio segments with Vestaradio. Each e-radio creates its own broadcasting schedule based on its audience. However, it is imperative to ensure that they are suitable for what listeners expect and that the times they are broadcasted are adapted. In addition, such radio segments will give your web radio a more professional look while allowing you to free up time to tackle one of the many other tasks to make it work.

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