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Customers must accept this contract and fill out the order form correctly. The customer is responsible for the confidentiality of their password and must not disclose it to third parties. If the customer is a minor, they must obtain parental consent before using our services. With or without this authorization, any minor client assumes responsibility for their actions.


Uploading files with illicit content (such as copyright infringement, pornography, hacking, insults, etc.) or contrary to national or international laws is strictly prohibited on our servers. Violation of this policy may result in the account being terminated without prior notice or refund. Clients' websites may include all elements made available to them on the web (graphics, audio, java, javascript, php, html, etc.).


Vestalicom cannot be held responsible for the content or use of any of its accounts, or for malfunctions of its machines that may result in losses for your business, association, etc. The client must respect trademark rights, copyrights, and agrees not to use Vestalicom services to store, distribute, or promote viruses, trojans, or any other programs harmful to internet users. The client is solely responsible for any direct or indirect, material or physical harm caused by the use of their account and will bear the consequences alone.


Vestalicom will not disclose customer information except as authorized by law. Each client has the right to modify and delete their own data and agrees to provide accurate information.


Vestalicom reserves the right to modify the general terms and conditions of its shared hosting service at any time.


Vestalicom reserves the right to terminate the contract within 7 days following the contract signing, without the need for any specific justification. Refunds will be processed within a maximum period of one month. The termination will take effect immediately after written notification is sent to the client.


Vestalicom may suspend its operations in the event of force majeure, such as earthquakes, war, acts of terrorism, fire, flood, storm, strike, or failure of public or telecommunications networks that could disrupt the proper functioning of its infrastructure.


Vestalicom disclaims all responsibility for the streams broadcasted. The client must ensure they have the necessary rights for any music tracks they broadcast.

Recording of Tracks

In order to facilitate copyright declarations, VestaPlayer has implemented a reporting system that records all tracks played on the player. This feature is available as an optional subscription.

Account Creation Conditions

Accounts are activated within a maximum period of 48 hours upon receipt of payment. An email is sent to the client with all the information related to their offer.

Payment Conditions

Vestalicom accepts payments for all its offers via check, credit card, bank transfer, and postal money order. An identification document may be requested before or after the activation of your account for payments made via the Paypal system (Credit Card) or bank transfer in order to verify your identity. 7 days before the expiration of your account, an email will be sent to you to notify you of the expiration, and you will have 2 days to renew it. After this period and without any response from the client, the account will be suspended for a period of 24 hours. After this period, the account will be permanently deleted from our servers.
If you wish to stop using VestaPlayer services for recurring payments, please inform us by phone, email, or mail to VestaPlayer.

Termination Conditions

The client can terminate their subscription at any time without prior notice if the termination request is made within 7 days after the activation of their account. Vestalicom will refund the invoiced amount within a maximum period of one month.
Please note that the domain name termination period cannot be applied once Vestalicom has registered it with its provider.
Beyond the initial 7-day period after account activation, no refunds will be made for the remaining period. The client must choose whether to continue the hosting until expiration or close the account without a refund.

Maintenance Conditions

Vestalicom may perform maintenance work and software updates on its entire infrastructure. These will be carried out as quickly as possible to minimize service interruption. A monitoring system is in place to address any issues with our infrastructure (applications and servers). In the event of a server malfunction, all necessary measures will be taken to restore the service as soon as possible.

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